Notice: We, Ainokakehashi Project, want to express our condolences to those who suffered great loss from the March 11 devastating earthquake. We’re presently organizing our relief work for those who’s lost houses and/or in the shelters.

  1. Purpose: Aino Kakehashi literally means A Bridge of Love. It is our aim to build such a bridge between Japan & India as well as other Asian countries, to promote not only a deeper understanding of our diverse cultures, religions and ways of life but also to share any mutual, social and spiritual benefits and strengths and thus establish a solid and loving relationship between us. Another important facet of our work is an ongoing programme whereby young volunteer workers from Japan are provided the opportunity to receive vocational training through active social work in India. They participate in literacy programmes for the disadvantaged, teach street children, visit orphanages and hospitals and organize motivational musical performances. etc.
  2. Trustees: Our NGO personnel roster is unique in that we have the representation of professionals from diverse fields such as a doctor, a teacher, a journalist, a priest, a computer programmer, etc.
  3. Legal constitution: We are legally registered as a Non Profit Organization at the Hiroshima Prefectural Office.
  4. Activities in Pune:
    1. We hold Hiroshima/Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Exhibitions at colleges, universities and various public as well as private schools to promote peace and love.
    2. We distribute clothes and stationary supplies to the needy.
    3. We hold cultural exchange programmes with young students in Pune.
    4. We visit orphanages, institutions and hospitals in order to comfort the patients and children.

Visit our archive site for details on places visited since 2000.


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