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In Feb 2001 Pune Times covered our rescue work at the Gujarat earthquake site

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2003 January 7 Pune Times talks about our Hiroshima A-bomb Exhibition and that the world is facing a famine for love and hope which is killing this generation. It explains about the peace project that Yushi Shimonaka along with other Japanese delegates held in Pune.

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2002 December 10 Pune Times talks about the youth training program that Aino Kakehashi organizes every year. The article quotes Yushi Shimonaka who says, “Though society in Japan has reached the heights of technology, along with an excellent standard of living, most of us have forgotten to be thankful for what we have.”


2003 January 7 Pune Times covers the Peace Exhibition Aino Kakehashi held with NIE at the Bishop’s School. Nearly 1000 students came to watch the film and learned about love and peace.

From Japan with peace


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